Sunday, March 27, 2011

Health Update

Just another update on my health that Jeremy emailed out last night. Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement!

Dear Friends and Family,

We had another doctor visit yesterday, and Esther's ulcers are continuing to heal. We praise the Lord that no new ones have appeared and that the others are slowly healing. Esther continues to take an extremely high dosage of prednisone, but for the most part the side effects have not been too bad This is an answer to prayer! She still continues to stay at home away from opportunities to pick up secondary infections, and is doing well. Our language teacher started coming to our house to teach Esther this week as well. Jeremy is staying out of school for a while to take care of the home and the kids schooling, and to give Esther rest and time to heal. She is much need of this time being able to relax, heal, and study Portuguese without all the cares of cooking, cleaning, and the kid's schooling. Some of the ladies at the church here have been a blessing by bringing us lunch everyday! Good Brazilian cooking beats Jeremy making hot dogs and ramen noodles any day!

Please continue in your prayers for Esther that the her body will continue to heal. Here are some specific prayers you can continue to pray with us:

1. Pray for Esther to sleep well as prednisone tends to make one sleepless.
2. Pray that the ulcers will heal quickly with the prednisone as it is very dangerous to use long term at such high dosages.
3. Pray that she will not catch a secondary infection.
4. Pray that God will exercise his power over the medicine and all of the secondary problems that it can bring.
5. Pray for complete healing and physical strength as this past year and its physical struggles has left Esther quite weak.
6. Pray for wisdom in each decision that must be made over these next days and weeks.
7. Pray for opportunities to witness for Christ as we meet many people with our weekly hospital visits.

With Grateful Heart,

Jeremy and Esther Lockhart

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