Monday, March 21, 2011

Missionary Monday...Postponed

Missionary Monday will have to be put off at least for one more week. We are finally getting back into somewhat of a normal life again around here...with a little bit more resting on my part!

I went to the doctor again today to check on the ulcers on my legs and get them cleaned. (I still have not seen the biggest one...if you want to see it just ask Jeremy he took pictures {yuck} I'm sure he'd send them to you. :) I told him I have to deal with the pain each week as my doctor cleans them. I don't think I could "stomach" knowing what they look like while feeling the doctor clean them. I don't want to see them until there is no more pain to be felt. :) Anyways... the doctor and Jeremy were very pleased with the way the ulcers were healing. Last week the doctor seemed very sure I would have to get a skin graft over the largest ulcer, but this week he seemed to think it may not end up being that bad.

I'm still on a very high dosage of steroids to keep my immune system low which means I am confined to the house for now. Any secondary infections would be very bad at this point!

On a lighter note...I became a "specimen" of some kind when my doctor discovered I had this "pyoderma gangrenosum". My first appointment after his discovery he invited a Radiology professor in to "view" my ulcers and also had his brand new IPhone 4 out snappin' a bunch of pictures of them. How embarrassing! :) That's okay though, as nice as he's been to me, he could pretty much do whatever he pleased at this point! I can't even begin to tell you all of the details of his just includes him going into work on a Saturday just to check up on the biopsy results for me and also spending much time on a Friday evening Skyping Jeremy about the problem.

Here is my doctor with his IPhone 4 I was laughing and told Jeremy he HAD to get a picture of him doing this so I could put it on my blog!

I am starting language school back in the morning. I figure I've got to sit here with my leg propped up most of the time anyway, I might as well get back to learning as long as my teacher doesn't get sick.

Please continue to pray for these ulcers to get better! They definitely are doing better than we hoped, and I can only give thanks to God for the outcome!


  1. I have never met you before, but after reading your blog, I will now be a follower who prays for you. I can't imagine having to be in another country while having serious health issues. I'm so glad you have a good doctor! God bless you!-LW

  2. Still praying for you...Glad to hear the ulcers are healing! Miss seeing you...

  3. Continuing to pray for you as you regain strength and heal.