Friday, March 11, 2011

Please Pray

I really don't enjoy being the center of attention on my blog. I'd much rather post something cute that my kids have done or something spectacular that my husband has done, but I'd really, REALLY appreciate your prayers for me. Jeremy sent out this note to those on our email list this morning, and just in case you don't receive our updates by email I thought I'd post it here.

Dear Friends and Family,

Please pray for Esther as she deals with a new health problem. About a week and a half ago we noticed a mosquito bite (there are many of these as we are still in the rainy season) on her calf that had turned into a sore. Over several days it continued to grow and turned into quite a large ulcer. We went to the doctor last Friday, and he gave her several local anesthesia shots before beginning to cut out the ulcer. When it was done he has cut about 3/4 inch deep and probably a little more than an inch in diameter. He bandaged it up, put her on an antibiotic, and said to come back on Thursday. Well, we went back yesterday morning thinking that it had been healing through the week. When the doctor unwrapped the bandage, we all looked concerned as the ulcer had grown almost five times the size. And then, there was another one that had grown quite large and needed cleaning out. Besides these, there are several others on her legs that are beginning to do the same thing. The doctor gave her more local anesthesia and cleaned out the largest ulcer and then the next largest one as well. As he broke the skin on the new one, he showed me how deep it had gone. I could see down into the tendons and such on her leg. Another doctor was called in to take some bacteria specimens, and we were told that the results would be ready on Monday morning. They need to find out what type of bacteria this is so that they can know what to do to treat it. Meanwhile, Esther is having to take pain killer for the excruciating pain, and is also having trouble with her ulcerative colitis as the antibiotic she is taking is causing the colitis to flare up. The other sores look to be growing as well, and we are asking the Lord that they do not progress through the weekend. The largest one grew from about the size of a quarter to the size of a baseball in just 6 days. Please pray that the others do not do the same! We are praying for wisdom for the doctors and for accurate lab results so as to find the proper cure. The two doctors were concernedly talking back and forth about different things it could be, but it seems to be some type of tropical ulcer. Please pray for God's grace to be abundant to Esther and to all of us through this. And please pray that it will heal instead of continuing to eat away at her leg!

Many thanks for your prayers,

Jeremy Lockhart


  1. So sorry to hear about this, Esther!! I, too, have had my share of times here in Canada when the doctors were stumped, but God is still the Great Physician. I will definitely keep you in prayer! Please keep us posted.

  2. Esther,

    Wesley had tears in his eyes this morning after he read Jeremy's prayer request for you. Because he was emotional and couldn't tell me what was wrong, I thought someone in our family had passed away.

    We both cried and have had heavy hearts for you and your continuing health situations. We know that our God is able to heal these places, and we know He has a purpose for all of this even when we can't understand.

    My mind instantly thought of Psa. 121:1-2 this morning as I prayed for you, "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth". But, the Lord said to look at the the whole chapter. I pray that it will be an encouragement to you during this time and in the days to come.

    We have let many people know about this so they can uphold you and your family in prayer. Several have already responded to my e-mail saying that are definitely praying for you, and they want to be updated when I know more.

    You are in our prayers, friend.

  3. Hello! I have been following your blog for quite a while now, but never left a comment until now. I just had to let you know that you have prayers being spoken for you in Argentina. I was so sad to read about all that you are going through. I am praying that you and your family and docs. will have much wisdom and come to a solution ASAP. Also, that the Lord will ease your pain and give you much comfort, healing, and grace in the days ahead.

    I, also, am a missionary's wife in South America with little children, learning a new language etc., and know what a challenge it can be to do things in a foreign country and to find good medical attention. I can imagine myself in your shoes and how difficult it would be. Praise the Lord, we know that HE stands beside us no matter where we are at and what we are going through.

    Heather Gansemer in Argentina

  4. We are praying for you in Bedford Co Va. My husband and I are POM's with missionary children and grandchildren serving in Brazil. You know our son Wesley, his wife Angie & 3 little boys. Our daughter and her husband have been in Brazil since 1994 and also have 3 boys. We will continue to pray for all of you. Jer. 33:3

  5. We are praying for you Esther as well as Community Baptist Church in Groton, CT.
    ...nothing is to hard for Thee...Jer. 32:17