Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday At Our House

We had a fun Easter Sunday at our house.

It all started with a special request for some Brown Sugar Biscuit Twists for breakfast from Allie.

The girls got dressed up in their new Easter outfits.

Judah had to wear a yellow shirt to match for pictures. :)
Bethany is so silly here, and I love that I had told Judah to smile for the picture...and he did!!!
Easter hats from Paw-paw and grandma in America.
more posing with the hats...
The girls at church.
Judah and his friend Joshua matched for Easter cute. It worked nicely for a picture.
I still had not been cleared to be around crowds of people for fear of possible secondary infections from the high doses of steroids, so I didn't get to go to church on Easter. But I did get all dressed up for a picture with the family. :)
And just in case you did a double-take when you looked at this picture (like I did :). Yes, I have gained some weight from the prednisone and that's okay!

We had a special lunch of pork loin and mashed potatoes (I tried to find a ham, but couldn't. It doesn't seem to be very a popular food item here in Brazil). For dessert, I made a chocolate cheesecake. The kids were more interested in the candy that grandma sent them with their Easter baskets from the States, that's okay...I don't have to share. :)

So thankful that I serve a living Savior and that He lives within my heart!


  1. Lovely pictures, Esther! And I love the family one! I think you look beautiful!!!

  2. I was home on Easter, too- so hard to be home from church! I'm glad you felt well enough to be in the family picture. :)

  3. Nice pictures! Bethany is looking more grown up all of a sudden, and I love the one with Judah smiling for Bethany.

  4. The kids are so cute! Sorry you didn't get to make it to church. We're praying for you.