Monday, April 11, 2011

Missionary Monday--The Schrock Family

I haven't really mentioned much about this on my blog, but when the LORD called us to Brazil there was also another family that the LORD called to work in Brazil around the same time. The LORD has definitely led us to work together as a team to reach Brazil for Christ.

The Schrock family has completed deputation, their visa paperwork, and much of their packing. Now they are only waiting to hear back from the Brazilian consulate in the States on the approval of their visas. It has been 12 weeks since they applied!

Please pray that they will be approved very soon as they had actually hoped they would be here by now and settled in. We are as ready as can be on this side. They have a pretty little rented house waiting for them. The approval of the visas could take up to six months according to the consulate, but we are all holding on to hope that it will take less. We received ours after three months of our initial application. Of course, we all know that God's timing is perfect...but we are all excited about having our friends and coworkers here!

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