Saturday, April 16, 2011

Play Dough with a Side of Chocolate

A while back we made homemade play dough. The kids loved it! It was a huge batch. The only problem was that it was a little on the doughy side. Every time the kids would play with it we would have to scrape up the remains from the table and floor just because it was so sticky!

Then I had a bright idea one day when I was making some homemade bread and the girls wanted to knead some dough along with me to give them some play dough with flour and let them "knead" the play dough.

{sorry that all of the pictures are crooked}
They all enjoyed it so much and mommy got lots done in the kitchen in the meantime!
I guess, though, in the end clean-up time with or without the flour was about the same. The flour just kept them occupied longer, so THIS time clean-up time with the flour was well worth it, AND the play dough didn't stick to everything it touched!
And here's the picture that needs a little more explanation. This little girl has gotten into the habit of coming in the house and shedding her clothes...everyday! I can't keep her dressed. She always say, "Mommy, I'm too hot, can I take my clothes off?" What do I say to that? The poor child is hot...I know, 'cause I am too. Who can blame her? :) So, this is her "in the house" attire {smile}.
Guess who got a 'sweet' surprise today! I received an email this afternoon from my friend Jessica Duarte {also my neighbor} telling me that at our little grocery store in our little bairro {neighborhood} was selling imported chocolate...not just ANY chocolate, but REESE'S! I promptly sent Jeremy to check it out and this is what he returned with...
It's not even a big grocery store! It's just a plain Jane place that just happened to have some delicious yummies! I don't think this will be a regular occurrence around here, but for today I will {have already :)} enjoy. Jessica said maybe it's an Easter thing...maybe so...we'll just enjoy Easter! :)


  1. Don't get too much of a sweet tooth now! Sure looks good though. Do you want some treats in your tote?

  2. 'I' only ate the two Reese's and one other little candy bar that was in the box...Jeremy ate the rest. :) I'll let you know about 'extras' when we know we have all of the necessities taken care of.

  3. I see that you brought home the carton that they sell them in....did you completely buy out their Hershey supply!? If so, they might know that they're onto something with the Americans :) Make sure to save some for us! :)

  4. OH...I am so glad you got some :) I have been enjoying them too...with a cold coke :) Surprise, huh?!?!

    The pictures of the kids are adorable :) And....I think Bethany is the funniest little girl I have EVER met ... she provides many good laughs!

  5. Wow! What a nice treat! It's amazing how a little bit of chocolate can go a long way. :)
    I wish there was a version of play dough that wasn't so aggravatingly messy, but then again that's probably why the kids enjoy playing with it so much. :)