Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All About Jeremy

I thought one by one I'd catch everyone up on our lives here in Brazil.  Since I went so long without blogging I know some of you are on the edge of your seats wanting to know what all we have been doing.  Right?

I figured the best place to start was with Jeremy, since he's the best looking. 

Before the Schrocks arrived in Brazil, Jeremy worked several days getting their house as ready as possible for them, and then for the first few weeks he took them shopping to buy all of the things that they needed to get their home set up.

He also has had several opportunities to translate for Daniel Bishop (an intern from Ambassador Baptist College that has been spending the summer with the Duartes) and Omar.  Jeremy has done amazingly well with this.  But I'm not surprised.  Everything he does turns out well. 

Daniel {preaching} and Jeremy {translating}

He also was asked to teach a class at the church kids camp about an hour away. The camp is run by Peter Doolittle.  Jeremy taught the junior boy's class.  If you want to see more pictures of the camp, Omar and Tracy posted some on their blog.

We spent three days there, and had a great time getting to know several people and helping out where ever we were needed.

We left most of our books back in America, but the ones that we did bring didn't have a 'place'.  This was about to drive both Jeremy and I crazy, so Jeremy "made" some free time to build a pretty bookshelf to house our books. 
See what I mean by not bringing many books.  What you see is what we have.  But that's okay - we're supposed to be studying Portuguese, not reading English books all the time, right?

Didn't Jeremy do such a nice job.  He's such a sweetheart. 
When Omar and Tracy came to Brazil we took a few weeks off of language school to help them get settled.  Then, when it was time to start school again, our language school teacher was sick for a couple of weeks.  I think the break from intense school was good for both of us.  Now we are back in language school full swing, and much of our day is consumed with study.  

Because Jeremy's Portuguese is improving so well, he has had several opportunities to witness to people when we have been out and about.  Our pretty, little white kids attract much attention while we are out, and several times recently they have caused good opportunities for sharing the gospel.

Jeremy was also given a nice compliment on Monday when we were at my doctor for a checkup on the ulcer on my leg.  We were sitting in the waiting area, and sitting in front of us was a wealthy couple that worked with exporting meat from Brazil to other countries.

After talking with them for a few minutes they asked where we were from.  They, of course, figured out pretty quickly that I was an American, but they were surprised that Jeremy was an American too.  This was a compliment because they couldn't tell where he was from right away from his accent and speech.  I'm so proud of him! 

Stay tuned for more family updates...


  1. cute bookshelf!! :) love to see your pretty things even in Brazil.

    and congrats to Jeremy on the Portuguese! Praise the Lord!

    glad for you to be better and blogging again - missed your updates!

  2. When my husband and I were in language school together, we stayed pretty much neck and neck as far as the language went! But as soon as we finished language school back in April, he has far surpassed me as he has many more opportunities than I do to use it. I am having to buckle down with self study so that I don't lose it!

  3. I'm so glad your back! and YES I have been on the edge of my seat wondering what was going on! :) So excited that he is doing well with the language and I'm sure your doing well too, Keep going! We're praying for all of you.

  4. Ohhh, I love the bookshelf!!! He did a great job, and you do very well with your Portuguese :)

  5. Yes, that's Jeremy - everything he does he does well. But that's a gift the Lord has given him and I'm glad he's using it the right way. You do such a good job making things look pretty - your bookshelf looks so nice! I love how you're always fixing things up. Missing you guys very much. I was just at the bank the other day and the lady in the window was asking about ya'll. She remembered you all and thought I looked like Jeremy - that's how she knew to ask me about ya'll. Weird, huh? You never know what kind of impression you're going to make on people.

  6. Love the bookshelf! My I didn't realize that you took that few books. I know that was hard. Esther, you really should get a kindle. I know you would love it and there are so many freebies out there. Of course, I shouldn't distract you from your language school. Praise the Lord for your great progress in the language and in health. Kade prays every day for Aunt Esther to get better all the way. God is so good and merciful!