Friday, July 8, 2011

Chocolate Rolls

I don't pretend to be a wonderful cook.  I wish I were, and I try my best, but in the end I think I'm just average!  BUT, every once in a while I find a good recipe which makes everyone else 'think' I'm a good cook.

Well, around our house we love cinnamon rolls.  My favorite recipe is from the Money Saving Mom website.  I usually end up making them about once a week.

Well, I've had it in my had it in my head for quite some time to make some "Chocolate Rolls" with the same recipe, and they turned out delicious!

I made the bread dough the same way (I don't have a bread machine, so I just kneaded them by hand and rolled them out), then when I rolled the dough out I put a chocolate concoction on it instead of the brown sugar, cinnamon and butter.

Here's the recipe for the chocolate concoction that I made up.
1 cup chocolate
3 T. butter
1/3 cup sugar
2 t. cinnamon

Melt and mix together and spread on dough.  Roll it up and cut it into rolls just like normal.

We tried them once with the icing on top and once without.  The icing made them veeery sweet, so if you have quite the sweet tooth you would prefer them this way.  They were also very good without the icing.  You really can't go wrong with chocolate, right!?!

Let me know if you try this and what you think.


  1. Oh my! YUM - those look so good! We all admire your humility, Esther, but I KNOW that you are a great cook!

  2. Oh, Esther, you are making me hungry!

  3. Ummmm, I'll have to try it, or maybe my sweet, beautiful, talented friend and neighbor will make some for me sometime, since I'm not a great cook ( grin)