Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rats and other happenings...

We've had an interesting couple of weeks with lots of activity!  Each of these almost merit a post of their own, but since I'm always behind on what I want to post on my blog, I thought I'd just sum it all up in one long post.

So, in no logical order here is a synopsis of the past two weeks.

~A family day at the park... too many pictures.  




Such sweet kids.

Except for a couple of us being disheveled, this turned out to be a really good family picture--not to mention we used the timer and said 'hurry, hurry, look at the flashing red light and smile'!

~Tracy and I took a bus to central Cuiabá ALL BY OURSELVES for some shopping.  We even got off at the right place the first time and didn't get lost!

~We skyped with Ambassador Baptist College for their mission's conference, the college from which Jeremy and I graduated just a 'few' years ago.

~On Sunday afternoon Judah got his first stitches--it was a little bit shocking how much blood came out, but in the end it wasn't too bad.  He's a tough little guy.

~Threw out FIVE DOZEN eggs on Sunday because they were molded!  That was definitely a first!

~30+ mangoes from our tree cut up and put in the freezer for smoothies.

~We found a rat's nest in our 'shed' in the back yard with four newborn baby rats.  Bethany kept looking at them and saying, "aww!  there so cute!" she even held one by the tail after she saw William (the boy in the picture below) holding them.  She cried when we let William have them.  I guess she wanted some pets. 

~Bethany started K-4 ~ better late than never, right?  More about her in a couple of weeks--her birthday is coming quickly!

And there you have it!  The excitement never stops!  Well, at least I think it's excitement, for some reason when you write it all out it doesn't seem to have quite the effect!  


  1. Your children are absolutely adorable!!! Thank you for sharing your life... I just recently subscribed by e-mail to your blog and am already enjoying it lots!

  2. I love the pictures of the did such a great job with them ;)

  3. Esther, did you take the pictures? They are so good! Makes me miss you so much more! Love to all!

  4. I didn't know Judah got stitches! Poor little guy - he doesn't look any worse for the wear, though! I love the pictures at the park!

  5. Wow, sounds very exciting to me!! A little too exciting with things like rats and stitches!!
    Love the pictures of the kids and fam... Perfect for a Christmas card!!