Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Mommy, Look it's Christmas!"

"Mommy, why does Christmas just take sooo long to get here?" -Allie, age 5
"But when it gets here, it's gonna be fuuun!" {giggle, giggle} -Bethany, age 4

 While pointing at the Christmas tree, "Mommy, look it's Christmas!" -Judah, age 2

I put on the lights and the ribbon, and then I just let the kids have full reign of decorating!  They put stuff wherever they wanted.  After they went to bed that night, I had fun rearranging! 

We sent the grandparents early Christmas kisses the other day!

 Such little sillies!  All we talk about these days is Christmas!

The day after Thanksgiving the tree went up and decorations started appearing here and there.  I think I was a little late by Brazilian standards.  My neighbor had already had her tree up for a couple of weeks!  But of course, Brazilians don't have to wait until after Thanksgiving since it is an American holiday.

I had such fun decorating for Christmas this year.  Last year the tree was my Christmas present, but all I had were a few balls to put on it.  This year I got to add lights, snowflakes, berries, pinecones, and a tree skirt--thanks to my sweet mom that likes to send me packages full of goodies! 
I am just so happy with my pretty tree.  Someday I'll have to show you the rest of my décor, but that is still a work in progress...probably until Christmas day! 


  1. I love it! You sound like us with letting the kids decorate the tree and mom rearranging after they go to bed.

  2. So pretty!!!! Yes, Christmas is just SO exciting isn't it??!!

  3. Tears, tears - oh so would love to be with all of you on this special day. So happy you could add all those goodies to you tree this year. It looks so pretty! So fun to watch our children and their delight in this special holiday. Capture every moment. I wish I had captured more of those moments, but thankful that my family are not "scrooges" Love you all!

  4. Beautiful tree! Merry Christmas, friends!