Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Study Time

I've seen a whole lot of this lately. 
Portuguese study.
October was "my month" to learn Portuguese.  Since I was so sick for the first year, we decided that it would be a good idea to go "all out" and for me to do double duty in school for a month to help me catch up a little.  Jeremy did lots of cooking and cleaning, and I did lots of studying!  

The month is coming to an end.  Do I feel like I know Portuguese any better?  Yes.  But at the same time the more I learn the more I find out that I don't know!

Reality really hits when I look at my Portuguese/English dictionary, and on the English side of each page, I know, use, and can define about 42 out of the 45 words listed, but when I flip to the Portuguese side, I only know a handful of the words out of the list of about 45!

Learning a new language definitely is more difficult than I thought it would be, but I'm so thankful that with God's help it's coming!  Finally!

I've learned that everything that I think to say in my head is always perfect, but the road from my head to my mouth is very long.  It never seems to come out the same as it was thought in my head.

I've also learned that there is more than one definition of "knowing" another language.  I can get around and communicate okay now.  So, in that sense, I already "know" Portuguese.  However, I'm not satisfied to speak with the grammar of a child, and if I want to be an effective help to my husband, I need to keep studying!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happiness is a cup of coffee...

Doesn't this pretty coffee mug just make you wish you liked coffee?
I think I would like to just fill it up and carry it around just to pretend!  
Maybe one day I can pretend it's cold here and fill it up with some hot chocolate instead.  :)
...and the notebook... doesn't it just make you want to write something in it?
Every year, about a month after my birthday, I receive a birthday present in the mail from one of our supporting churches in Virginia.  Isn't that such a sweet idea!?  I just thought you'd like to see this year's present.  I think the mission's coordinator sends out the package on the date (or maybe during the week) of the recipient's birthday.

The present itself is simple, sweet and pretty.  It didn't cost an arm and a leg.  Shipping was a little bit costly, but the time and sentiments involved are priceless!

So, if you are from that church in Virginia, thank you so much for the present!  I LOVE it! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Rain Begins...

spring brings showers, out of the blue
startled legs scamper for cover
a good excuse for lovers to share umbrellas, embrace each other

finely sprinkles,fresh green shoots
caresses splendid,golden shows
leaves behind a parting gift
glorious rainbows.
summers cruel heat, stifling
leaves parched, cracked the ground
flowers hang their needy heads

fallen are scattered around
thunder rolls, sky darkens
clouds burst, rain dances beneath
nature drinks in greedily
breathes a sigh of relief
autumn rain chills the bones
swells the streams and rivers
clears the way, sows the seeds
of lofty life givers
muddy puddles appear,tempting
to booted children,lure them in
splish and splash! about laughing
mothers “tut!” but slyly grin
winter rain is ruthless
stinging cold wet faces
drives people to seek out warmth
dream of exotic places
dripping red noses,sniffle
icy blasts turn rain to stone
bouncing, the hail whitens
shivering, legs hurry home

Poem by Lynne Cannon

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mango Season Has Arrived!

Everyone was excited to taste the first ripe mango of the season yesterday!
If we could just keep every kid in the neighborhood out of our tree (they like to eat them with salt before they are ripe), we MIGHT just have some more over the next few weeks.  I LOVE having fresh fruit in our very own yard!