Saturday, March 17, 2012

long time no see

Two Sundays ago was our TWO YEAR anniversary since arriving in Brazil.  I can't believe I just wrote that!  So much has happened in these last two years, and even these past four years since I left my "home" in North Carolina and started traveling on deputation.  It is amazing to see the different ways God has worked in my life.

Last year around our one year anniversary I wrote about 10 different posts about it and didn't publish a single one of them.  That was when I *thought* I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel ended up being a lot longer than it looked.

I'm so thankful for the things God has taught us throughout this year.  Things that could never be explained in a blog post-- it has definitely been a year of growth!

So, you may wonder what is going on these days in the Lockhart home since blogging obviously has not been a priority in these past few months!

-faithfully teaches a Bible study on Tuesday evenings to some of the young people in church.
-teaches a kids Sunday school class each Sunday morning.
-helps me much around the house and with the kids to give me some Portuguese study time.
-preaches on occasion.
-treated me like royalty on our date the other night. 

-I think I may save the things that I'm doing now for another post.  After all, that is the reason that most women have blogs nowadays, right?  We want to tell the world what we're doing.  

-Is in the middle of first grade and she has a love/hate relationship with it.  Hates doing school while Bethany and Judah are playing.  Hates seatwork.  Cries bitterly when she gets anything less than an A+ on a test.  Loves reading.  Loves her Abeka academy teachers.  Loves the kids in her "class" (although they are probably actually 10 years older than she is. )
-She has officially become a book worm.  Sitting for looong periods of time engrossed in her book.
-Loves anyone that speaks English.
-Loves anyone that is her age.
-Lost her first tooth a couple of months ago and had to go to the dentist on Wednesday to get two teeth pulled and will get another one pulled on Monday.  Poor girl has her mother's teeth. )

-Wakes up way too early in the morning, but always with a super big smile!
-Loves being "mommy" to anything/anyone that will let her and is usually the one telling everyone what to do.
-Everything is big and exaggerated for her.
-She is working her way rather slowly through K-4.
-Loves helping me in the kitchen.
-Loves being the silliest and the center of attention!
-Is without a doubt a mommy's girl.

-Is potty training himself!!!!
-Has three mommies  (really, sometimes he'll call "mommy" and I'll come running only to find out he was talking/playing with Bethany!  She has him trained).
-Loves to cuddle when he wakes up in the morning.
-Anything that is not on the ground is meant to be jumped from, and sometimes jumping is preferred over walking to get from one place to the other.
-Loves anything "ball", "car", "block", or "tool" related.
-Always has a bigger smile when he is dirty; hence, he is a very happy boy!

Other tidbits:
-The water company is on strike so water is scarce around here.  I am in extreme conservation mode telling the kids whatever you do, DO NOT flush the potty {in one flush it uses up enough water to take a complete shower (albeit a very quick shower), and we only flush a couple times a day.  I know--it's gross} so if you're coming for a visit let me know so I can clean my potty ahead of time. 
-We finally are getting an official title for our house.  It's a long, complicated story, but I'm thankful for the way the LORD has worked things out, and for honest people!
-Carnival (Brazilian Mardi Gras) has recently ended, and we spent a week at camp.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship and getting to know more Christians in the area.  I took lots of pictures that I would love to share sometime.

That will have to do for now.  I "plan" to be back soon.  I'm just assuming you all want to know what my life has been like and what has been on my to do list these past weeks, so I plan to tell you about them.  Soon.