Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Family Camp 2012

Family camp was way back in February, but I still wanted to share some of the pictures that I took during the week.

Missionary Peter Doolittle hosts the camp for a week every year during the week of Carnival.  During that week there is lots of partying, drinking, and lewd activities that go on in certain areas of the city, and it is refreshing to be able to get away from that into the "country" for a week of rest.

Here are some snap shots of our week:

Allie and Bethany met a veteran missionary daughter, Leah, who speaks English.  She is married and grown now and still comes to camp.  She was so sweet to make time for them and pay attention to them.  The girls loved it when she let them hold her 3 month old baby!

Allie is trying so hard to make friends here in Brazil even though there is still a language barrier.  She really enjoyed playing with this little girl that was her age, Suzana.

One of the highlights of camp is the zip-line.  This year Allie mustered up enough courage to go down all by herself!  Below is a picture of her with Pastor Lorival, he just had finished "putting the gear" on her.

Here she is about to go "flying".  She did great!

Bethany went down the zip-line with Leah and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Jeremy standing at the bottom of the zip-line deck watching Allie get geared up.

A favorite for my kids during the week was the "Sunday School" classes each morning.
 Judah, Bethany, and Johnathan Schrock were in the same class.  

Judah was being such a silly boy.  I told him to smile, and he just kept "eating" his hand. 

Allie doing some coloring in her class.

Jeremy taught the young teenage boys for the week, and at the end of the week one of the boys came to him concerning doubts about his salvation.  Jeremy was able to talk with him about it and the boy went away knowing he was saved!

I helped out with the young teenage girl's class.

Missionary Peter Doolittle giving announcements one morning.

The food was wonderful!

The pigs enjoyed picking out the soggy scraps from the place where the dish water drains.  The kids enjoyed watching them.

The special speaker for the week was Pastor Marcelo from Goiania.  His preaching was excellent!

We really had an enjoyable week.  The kids still talk about how much fun it was and when they can go back!


  1. I guess I didn't even think about the kids having a language barrier. Most people say kids pick up the language pretty quick but I guess since yours are homeschooled they aren't around it as much.

    How much of the language do they know? and do you try to talk Portuguese at home at all?

    1. Most people do say that kids pick up the language pretty quick. We assumed that too. They do understand more than they speak, but they can't carry on a meaningful conversation yet. Just small talk. We don't speak Portuguese at home (very little anyway). If we did, then they would not have learned English as this is the only place they hear English. They are around the language quite a bit, and know songs, Bible verses, etc.. but actual conversation is not there. So they are picking it up, but it isn't quite as "quick" as some would think -- especially being that the kids were only 6 months, 2, and 4 when we moved here, and we didn't speak a word of Portuguese.

      As far as schools go, the ones in our area make the public schools in the States look like wonderful, orderly Christian schools in comparison. In our 7-11 yr. old Sunday school class, only one kid can read a Bible verse without getting stuck on every other word. At this point, and in this town where we live, the school isn't even an option.

  2. So glad to see more pictures. Just in time for me to "steal" some more so I can finish my March family update. Looks like family camp was fun.
    Love to all.