Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Incredible Edibles

We received a package a couple of weeks ago from a friend in Canada.  It was "chock full"of all kinds of goodies!  One thing the kids have really enjoyed from the package is the Lego candy she sent.  They are super cute!  You can really connect them just like real Legos, and then comes the best part--eating them!  Pure sugar! ☺

I wrote the above paragraph and then started thinking, wait, maybe these are "old hat" to all of you that live in America.  Ha!☺  In any case, we're enjoying them!


  1. I've never seen them, but then I'm not in the stores too much either. I am sure they had a great time with them.

  2. I haven't lived in America for ten years, so these are new to me. Very, very cool... I'm sure my kids would love 'em!

  3. We have only seen them at a bulk grocery store - my boys loved them! Lots of tasty fun! :)

    1. They did look like they came from some kind of bulk store. Very interesting. ☺

  4. never seen them here either?? very neat!

  5. I bought some once at the Lego store for Seth several years ago. It was at the Mall of American in MN. I thought they were cool too.