Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Judah's Surgery

Judah's surgery went really well a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of our day!

We got up early in the morning and headed off to the hospital.  Judah wasn't quite awake yet...

Judah and Jeremy head into the hospital.

We checked him in and Judah got his bracelet.  And then the waiting started.  The surgery was supposed to start at 8:00, but as we were sitting in the waiting room we saw the surgeon walk in just a few minutes after 8:00.  We waited for about an hour and noticed another little boy with his mother sitting close by and asked if he was to have surgery too.  We found out that he was scheduled with the same surgeon at 9:00--it was already a little past 9:00.  Shortly there after we were called back.

Jeremy ended up going back into the room with him for the surgery since he is a little more advanced in Portuguese than I am.  

Judah obeyed perfectly.

Jeremy had to dress in the doctor's gear.  During the surgery the doctor called him in the room to show him the cut and explain everything he was doing.

Judah with his gas mask.

After the surgery he was put in a regular room for a few hours.  Here he is before he really started waking up.

Shortly after he woke up he was starving.  They brought him some beans and rice, which he gobbled up pretty quickly, then came the pudding... with sprinkles.

And here we are on the couch just passing some time.

Judah preferred drinking out of the hospital cup rather than his sippy cup.

Passing some more time...

Finally, the doctor came in, gave us some simple instructions, and we were off.

Once again we are blessed to have had a great experience at this hospital.  Judah has recovered well, and at his follow-up appointment the surgeon said that it looked as if everything went well.   

And just in case you're curious what the hospital looks like...here is a stock photo of the hospital that we go to for any problems that we have.  There are several private hospitals in our city, but this one just seems to be the one for us.  

Sadly, many are left with no option but to use the public health care system, which, in our experience is a big mess.  We have been truly blessed with God's provision to be able to use a good private hospital!

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